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Guide Section: GUI of EASAPs | EASAP Tree: USER INTERFACE Branch

INPUTBOX is a versatile data entry component that can be configured to behave in a variety of modes depending on the setting of the Input Type: parameter. The set of parameters available to specify will vary depending on the value selected in the Input Type: parameter. INPUTBOX can be used in place of the following data entry objects:


Additionally, an INPUTBOX can provide two data types not found in other data entry objects:

  • Currency
  • Percentage

Finally, INPUTBOX formats 'Currency', 'Percentage' and 'Number'-types according to either the US or EU conventions (see Regional differences in number formats, below).

Optional Parameters:
Label:Text displayed to the left of box
Input Type:Select the data type. (options listed below)
Default:Default value to be displayed
Range Reference:Select NAMED RANGE or existing RANGE REFERENCE to link value to cell in an Excel spreadsheet
Label Width:Width in pixels of Label:
Label Style:A reference to a USER INTERFACE STYLE that controls the visual appearance of INPUTBOX's label.
Input Style:A literal string, a USER INTERFACE STYLE, or an object reference for dynamic CSS-style to apply to the input area
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then box shown, if FALSE then box NOT shown
Enable if:Logical expression, if TRUE then box enabled, if FALSE then box NOT enabled
Tool Tip:Text to be displayed as a tool tip
Decimal Places:The number of decimal places shown
Thousand Separator:Select whether to show a thousands separator (default→FALSE, TRUE).
See Regional differences in number formats.
Currency Symbol:Select the currency symbol (default→$, £, €, ¥)
Pattern:Select a format for storage and display of date and time
Tab Index:Establish an order of preference for <TAB> key navigation. Highest priority is the lowest number (default→1) and continues in ascending numerical order. Use -1 to disable.
Characters:Width of INPUTBOX in characters
Show Date Button:When set to TRUE, a BUTTON will be displayed next to the object which allows selection from a calendar. Only available if Input Type:'DateTime'. (default→TRUE)
Number Format Code:Select the custom number format to show.
Delimiter:Character to act as delimiter in DORs on Label: and Default: above, when Input Type: is non-numeric. default→%.

Child objects of INPUTBOX:

Object Name Description
CONDITIONAL FORMATTINGChanges the appearance of an INPUTBOX if a certain condition applies.
DATA VALIDATIONDefines what data is allowed to be entered by users.
PARAMETRIC RANGEPerforms parametric studies with an EASAP.

Input Type:

The Input Type: parameter is used to set the type of data entered into the INPUTBOX by the user. INPUTBOX has cell types compatible with Excel. Once Input Type: has been set for an INPUTBOX then other optional parameters will appear to allow further configuration. The available data types for the Input Type: parameter and their effects on the INPUTBOX are shown below.

The value of an INPUTBOX when Input Type: is set to ‘Percentage’ is actually the decimal value, the formatted or displayed value is the actual value multiplied by 100.

Data Type Effect Optional Parameters
'Currency'Sets the data entered to be a number that
will be shown with the specified currency
symbol to the left of the number
Decimal Places:
Currency Symbol:
'Custom'Set the data entered to be a custom format
as specified by the selected format in the
Number Format Code: parameter
Decimal Places:
Thousand Separator:

Currency Symbol:
Number Format Code:
'DateTime'Sets the data entered to be a date and/or
time stored and shown in the form
specified by the Pattern: parameter
'General'Allows any form of data to be entered-
'Number'Sets the data entered to be a numberDecimal Places:
Thousand Separator:
'Percentage'Sets the data entered to be a number
represented as a percentage with
% symbol shown after the number
Decimal Places:
'Text'Sets data entered will be treated as text,
even if it is numerical

Regional differences in number formats

"Thousands Separator" and "Decimal Mark"

Input Type: allows Currency, Number or Percentage. The use of commas and periods to format thousands, millions, billions (the 'thousands separator') and decimal fractions less than one (the 'decimal mark') varies by region. EASA has implemented the two most common systems: US and EU.

In the US, commas are used as the 'thousands separator' and periods are used as the 'decimal mark'.

In the EU, periods are used as the 'thousands separator' and commas are used as the 'decimal mark'.

Two million three hundred forty-three thousand two hundred thirty-two and thirty-four hundredths

Is denoted:

  • 2,343,232.34 in the US system
  • 2.343.232,34 in the EU system

For a 'global' toggle between the two number formats for all an EASAP's 'Percentage', 'Currency' and 'Number'-type INPUTBOX's, set MENU ACTION's parameters below:

  • Action: 'Switch Number Formatting'
  • Number Format: 'EU' or 'US' ←default.

Thus INPUTBOX will accept input and display numbers in the locally expected convention.

For input 'thousands separator' is optional but 'decimal mark' must be the correct one, following a

  • MENU ACTION→Action:'Switch Number Formatting'

Thousand Separator: parameter of INPUTBOX must be set to true to enable 'Number Formatting'.