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Guide Section: GUI of EASAPs | EASAP Tree: USER INTERFACE Branch

LABEL displays text and images on the input region of a TABBED PANE. It can used to display a variety of information, including:

  • Instructions or help
  • Input data not enter explicitly by the user
  • Results data

Tip: For displaying numerical data, it is often useful to use DORs in the Label: parameter that includes inline units and number formatting, for example:

Label:%Stress [MPa] 10.3f%

Optional Parameters:
Label:Text displayed as label, HTML or DORs allowed.
Image:Image file to be displayed to the left of the Label: text.
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then label shown, if FALSE then label NOT shown
Tool Tip:Text to be shown ON mouseover
Enable if:Logical expression, if TRUE then label enabled, if FALSE then label NOT enabled
Style:A USER INTERFACE STYLE or object reference that controls the visual appearance of this object's background
Tool Tip: Text to be displayed as a tool tip
Delimiter:Character to act as delimiter in in DORs. default→%.
Allow HTML:Logical Expression, if TRUE HTML in Label: will be rendered, if FALSE (default) HTML markup will be escaped and displayed literally. (eg. something bold versus <b>something bold</b>)

Note: Only a subset of HTML 3.2 is supported within EASAP user interface objects. Therefore, things like anchor <a> tags, image <img> tags and javascript will not work. HTML tags are not currently supported in the HTML Client.