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Guide Section: Generating Reports and Output | EASAP Tree: OUTPUT Branch

TEXT OUTPUT creates basic text elements in an EASAP’s report. The text content can be entered in one of two ways, either directly in EASAP Builder using the Text: parameter or by reading it from a text file specified using the File: parameter. DORs are allowed in both the Text: parameter and in the contents of the file specified in the File: parameter. These DORs will allow you to do such things in your report as:

  • Reiterate the user’s inputs
  • Display output data extracted out of results files

The File: parameter allows you to create text files that may be utilized as report templates to be used in the reports of other EASAPs.

Tip: For displaying numerical data, it is often useful to use DORs that include inline units and number formatting, for example: %Stress [MPa] 10.3f%

The Style: parameter helps offset titles and headings from graphics within your report.

Note: Since only one style is used per TEXT OUTPUT, multiple TEXT OUTPUT's are used to build a complete report body.

Optional Parameters:
File:Name of file containing text to be displayed in EASA→Results page report. DORs allowed
Text:Text to be displayed in EASA→Results page report. DORs allowed
Delimiter:Character to act as delimiter before and after object references in DORs in File: or Text: above. default→%
Style:HTML STYLE for text
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then text shown, if FALSE then text NOT shown
Encoding:Text encoding used in File: default→US-ASCII

Note: Even though all parameters are labelled as optional, you must set a value for either the File: or Text: parameter. An error message will be displayed if neither of these two parameters are set.