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Accessing the EASAP Builder

The EASAP Builder can be accessed in a two ways while in Author mode (EASA→Set Mode→Author).

  • Select an EASAP from the table under the Applications Menu
    • EASA→Set Mode→Author→Applications→My EASAPs or
    • EASA→Set Mode→Author→Applications→All EASAPS
  • Select EASAP Builder under the Authoring Menu (EASA→Set Mode→Author→Authoring)

In both cases, you will be taken to a new page, on which you can click on either the EASAP Builder link or the EASAP’s selection image to start EASAP Builder. When started, EASAP Builder will open as a desktop application (see figure below).

Note: More than one EASAP Builder window can be opened at the same time, thus allowing more than one EASAP to be authored at the same time. However, a warning is given if the same EASAP is opened in more than one EASAP Builder session.

New Application Wizard

The first time that EASAP Builder is opened after creating a new EASAP, the New Application Wizard will open prior to the EASAP Builder window. You will give the EASAP a name in the Title: input and set a Category for it. Optionally, you can specify a Selection image for it and enter a Description of the EASAP. Once you have completed entering the basic information about the new EASAP, proceed to EASAP Builder or open instead another Authoring Wizard (Write SQL Wizard, Read SQL Wizard, Excel Range Wizard). The Basic Information screen of the New Application Wizard is shown below: