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Professional Indemnity Insurance EASAP

Case management is a common database task. A 'case' typically corresponds to a row in a database: it can be selected then modified or deleted; or a new case can be added.

EASA makes building a database-driven case management application very straightforward.

PIPricing.easap, below, uses a SQL Server database to implement a case management example involving insurance underwriting calculations.

Please download and unzip:

We now have:

  • PIPricing.bak → a database with a few rows or cases in it
  • PIPricing.xml → database configuration details
  • PIPricingTool.easap → completed EASAP to examine and run

Setting up the database

  • Download, install and open SQL Server Express
  • Right-click Databases
    • Select Tasks→Restore→Database
    • Set Destination→Database:PIPricing
    • Set the Source→Device radio button
      • Navigate to the unzip'd PIPricing.bak file
  • Check the Restore box on the appropriate 'backup set' if more than one
  • In the same window:
    • Select Options and check 'Overwrite the existing database (WITH REPLACE)'
  • Click OK

The database has been 'restored'.

  • 'Map' the database user to the database: on our case its easa.
    • Select Security→Logins→easa
    • Right-click Properties
    • Under User Mapping menu tick 'PIPricing' to add easa user.

Now we import PIPricingTool.easap.

Importing PIPricingTool.easap

  • Login to the EASA Server
    • Select EASA→Set Mode→Author
  • Select the tab:
    • EASA→Applications→Import EASAPs
  • Click Choose File
    • Browse to PIPricingTool.easap
  • Click Import

Now we configure the database and driver on the EASA Server

Configuring a database connection in EASA

  • Copy PIPricing.xml to:
    • EasaServerData\easa-share\naming\jdbc\

The settings in this file will help configure EASA Server database connection, below.

  • Select EASA→Set Mode→Administrator
  • Select EASA→Configure→Databases→Configure Drivers
    • Choose File then Upload for the jdbc driver
  • Select EASA→Configure→Databases→Configure Databases
  • Select New Database
  • Set the various fields to the values in PIPricing.xml
  • Restart EASA Server if a new driver
  • Select EASA→Set Mode→Administrator→Configure→Databases
    • Confirm Test Query works for PIPricing

Running PIPricing.easap

  • Select EASA→Set Mode→Author
  • Select EASA→Applications→My EASAPs
  • Select PI Pricing Tool
  • Select EASA→Authoring→Testing→Test EASAP

The main table will show rows of data, selectable with the mouse or Search Criteria. Once a row is selected other controls modify the record across the various sections identified by tabs. Once a new row has been created or an existing row has been updated Open PDF or Submit Report save the data as a PDF or write it to an Excel template, respectively.