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Communicating with EASA Users

There will be times when an Administrator will want to communicate with the Users. A message might notify a User that:

  • The EASA Server will go offline: stop, save current work and log out of EASA by a certain time.
  • A new EASAP has been Published add details of what it does and how to use it.
  • New User and Author licenses have been installed with a new expiration date.

Communicating via email is one approach EASA has an Announcement capability within the EASA web pages by selecting

  • EASA→Set Mode→Administrator→System→Announcements

Two announcement types are available within EASA:

  • Information
  • Alert

All announcements will show up on the page:

  • EASA→Set Mode→User→News

An Alert-type announcement opens in a new browser window which displays the News page the next time a User logs before its the announcement expires.

An example of the News page announcement is shown below.

When prompted by an Alert announcement, the News page will only display announcements created since the last time a user has accessed the EASA system.

Create an Announcement

To create a new announcement for users of the EASA system, please perform the following steps:

  • Log in to EASA using an account with Administrator privileges.
  • Select EASA→Set Mode→Administrator
  • Select EASA→System→Announcements
    • Click on the Create New Announcement link.
    • Fill in the Add Announcement form:
      • Specify a Title
      • Select a time frame for when the announcement Expires
      • Set the Type to either Information or Alert
      • Fill in the Text of the announcement
      • Click the Add Announcement button.

The new announcement should be visible as a new row in the Previous Announcements table.

To modify an existing announcement,

  • Click on the Edit Announcement button () of the Previous Announcements table.
  • Modify the Title and Text of the announcement.

Note: If an Alert is modified, it will not pop-up a second time for users that have already viewed it once. Therefore, if you want to change your message text significantly, it is recommended that you actually add a new Alert announcement.

To delete an existing announcement, click on the Delete Announcement button () in the Previous Announcements table.

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