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SERVER PROCESSING specifies system commands to:

  • Copy files and directories to and from the Compute Server
  • Remove files and directories on the Compute Server
  • Execute commands on the Compute Server
Essential Parameters:
Copy File To: Command to copy file to Compute Server.
Copy Directory To: Command to copy directory to Compute Server.
Copy File From: Command to copy file from Compute Server.
Copy Directory From: Command to copy directory from Compute Server.
Remove File: Command to remove file on Compute Server.
Remove Directory: Command to remove directory on Compute Server.
Make Directory: Command to create directory on Compute Server.
Working Directory Path: Directory path on Compute Server in which a process will run.
Separator: Separator used in a path.
Run Using: Command to run an EASAP process on Compute Server.
Optional Parameters:
Stop Using: Command to stop a process on Compute Server when Stop button pressed.
Timeout on System Tests: Number of seconds EASA system should wait when testing Compute Server.
During regular system use, the timeout gets set to 200 times this number.
May need to increase when large file transfers are required.
Path Length: Length of a path created under working directory. (default→Full, Shorten)
Run File: Name of script or batch file used in running a process on Compute Server.
Located under /webapps/easa/admin/config directory on EASA Server.
Shared Disk: Select whether the Compute Server can see <SERVERDATA> on the EASA Server. (TRUE, FALSE)

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