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Guide Section: Processing Events and Performing Actions | EASAP Tree: EVENT PROCESSINGACTION

CELL REFRESH synchronizes cells in Excel spreadsheets to EASAP data entry objects with active Range Reference: parameters.

The SPREADSHEETS involved in the synchronization of data are specified by selecting existing SPREADSHEET's in the Spreadsheets: parameter.

Essential Parameters:
Spreadsheets:Select spreadsheets from list of available SPREADSHEET's for refreshing
Optional Parameters:
Do if:Logical expression, if TRUE then action performed, if FALSE then action NOT performed.
Objects:Refresh only objects the Author knows need to be refreshed (dependants are refreshed automatically as well).
Separator: Set a character or string to separate object references in Objects:


Valid Objects: include any UI objects with Range Reference: values set, as well as SUB PANE's or TABBED PANE's. Dependents of the specified objects and their Child objects are refreshed from Excel as well.

WRITE EXCEL ACTION's are allowed in Objects: to push object values into an Excel spreadsheet. However since 5.5 build 8974 this is not active by default. If the Excel Server has sufficient memory the feature may be enabled for one or more EASAPs by setting the parameter below:

  • <SERVERDATA>\easa\admin\config\
    • global.dependencies.easap.ids.1=examples/tutorial_mort_calc2

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