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Guide Section: Processing Events and Performing Actions | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSINGSCALAR

CONTACT DETAILS returns details of the User account currently using an EASAP.

Type: specifies what data is returned:

  • Email→ theUser's e-mail address
  • Login Name→ the login name or user name
  • Full Name→ the full name of the user
  • In User Group→ compare current user's group with the value of In User Group: parameter
    • (TRUE or FALSE)

The information provided in CONTACT DETAILS can personalize results from an EASAP or send an e-mail notification to a particular user.

To retrieve a full name and an e-mail address for a User, an EASA Administrator must have added this information to the user’s account.

Details such as login name will be unavailable to the PROCESSES branch in Testing mode.

Essential Parameters:
Type:Select type of detail (Email, Full Name, Login Name, In User Group)
Optional Parameters:
In User Group:Drop down list of available user groups on this system.