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Child EVENT's

Child EVENT-type objects under an EVENT PROCESSING→EVENT define various events that occur in an EASAP.

When one of these events takes place, any ACTION-type objects under the EVENT PROCESSING→ACTION GROUP will be performed.

Child EVENT's
APPLICATION OPENEDRecognizes when the EASAP has been opened
BUTTON PRESSEDRecognizes when one of the specified buttons has been pressed on the EASAP user interface
EXCEL SAVEDEVENT generated following EASA→Save from the EASA Ribbon within an Excel Client
POLL REQUESTRecognizes when a POLL has fired from the USER INTERFACE
RESULTS COMPLETEDRecognizes when a submitted run has completed processing
SUBMIT CHECKRecognizes when the submission check has been initiated on the EASAP user interface
SUBMIT COMPLETEDRecognizes when a submission has been successfully sent to the EASA Server for processing
TAB SELECTEDRecognizes when a user clicks on the tab of a specified TABBED PANE
TABLE SELECTEDRecognizes when a User clicks in cells, rows or columns within a specified TABULATED DATA
VALUE CHANGEDRecognizes when the value of one of the specified objects has been changed on the EASAP user interface

Order of EVENT's

If two EVENT PROCESSING trees contain the same event such as an APPLICATION OPENED EVENT, the EVENT PROCESSING→ACTION GROUP's are processed from the top of the EASAP Tree downwards.

When more than one Child EVENT is specified under an EVENT PROCESSING→EVENT, the logical OR is used (ie. if event1 or event2 or event3 takes place, then the defined ACTION's will be performed).

Child ACTION's

ACTION's under an EVENT PROCESSING→ACTION GROUP will be performed when any Child EVENT's under EVENT PROCESSING→EVENT are triggered.

Order of ACTION's

When more than one ACTION's are specified under a EVENT PROCESSING→ACTION GROUP, ACTION's will be performed in the order they appear on the EASAP Tree from top to bottom.

Child ACTION's
ACTION GROUPParent object for other ACTION's.
CELL REFRESHRefreshes data associated with a RANGE REFERENCE either to or from an Excel spreadsheet
CHECK VALUESPerforms custom defined error checks as defined in its Child ERROR CHECK's
ERROR CHECKDefines a custom error check
CLEAR EXCEL RANGEClears values from cells within specified ranges
CLOSE FORM ACTIONCloses a FORM that is open.
CONTROL CALCULATIONSuspend backend tasks or processing for a more responsive interface.
CUSTOM ACTIONPerforms the ACTION's defined through a custom coded object
DATEStores the current date and/or time in an SCALAR DOR.
EXTRACTExtracts data from a file
SET LISTSets an explicit LIST
SET SCALARSets an explicit SCALAR
DATABASE ACTIONPerforms a one time action on a DATABASE
DATABASEDefines the DATABASE on which to perform the action
DATABASE TO EXCEL DESKTOPLaunches an Excel Client GUI from within an EASAP
DATE FUNCTIONExecutes various operations on dates.
EXPORT TO PDFCreates a snapshot of a specified spreadsheet range as a PDF document and saves it on the file system
EMAIL ACTIONComposes and sends an email
GET EXCEL FILE ACTIONGets the current copy of the Excel spreadsheet from the Excel Server. Allows an author to download it from the EASAP
IMAGE EXCEL ACTIONExtracts a screen capture of cell range or chart in an Excel spreadsheet for display by an IMAGE in a DIAGRAM
LOG ACTIONA tool for authors to write messages under certain circumstances into the Application Log.
MENU ACTIONPerforms the specified action available in the menus of an EASAP
MODIFY LIST ACTIONAlters the value of a LIST in various ways
MODIFY SCALAR ACTIONChanges or formats the value of a SCALAR
OPEN BROWSEROpens a browser window to the specified URL or EASA web page location
READ EXCEL ACTIONReads values from specified cell ranges in Excel spreadsheets into specified LIST's
REFRESH OBJECTSRefreshes a LIST of objects
RUN MACRO ACTIONExecutes a macro in an Excel spreadsheet
SELECT TAB ACTIONChanges the selected TABBED PANE on the EASAP user interface to the specified tab
SET CASE STATUSManually modify the status field of a case record.
SET CUSTOM IDBind an organization's external record identifier to a case record ID in an Excel Client EASAP.
SET PROTOTYPEAllows manipulation of LIST's and SCALAR's using the scripting language Groovy
SET STYLE ACTIONAllows dynamic modification of a GUI object's Style: parameter.
SET VALUE ACTIONSets a new value for a visible data entry object
SLEEP ACTIONPerforms a delay for the specified number of seconds
WRITE EXCEL ACTIONWrites values from specified LIST's into specified cell ranges in Excel spreadsheets

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