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Guide Section: Excel Desktop Client | EASAP Tree: USER INTERFACE or OUTPUT branch → CASE VIEWER


FILTER dynamically determines which case records are visible in its Parent CASE VIEWER depending on a logical comparison.

The values that are compared may be:

  • A SCALAR reference or literal value
    • → set in Value:
    • Is compared via Static Operator: or Dynamic Operator: to either:
        • → set Excel Value to Compare:
      • A field from the current case in the cases database table
        • → set Case Data to Compare:

Further flexibility may be found via an EXTERNAL FILTER.

Essential Parameters:
Value:Choose a literal value or SCALAR reference to compare to the value from the Case Data to Compare: column of the cases database table or alternatively to the named range in Excel Value to Compare:
Optional Parameters:
Static Operator:Choose a logical operator for the comparison, if unset Dynamic Operator: is required.
When Static Operator:→LIKE or NOT_LIKE, FILTER will scan the actual value in Value: for a leading or terminating percent (%); if neither are found it will add a percent SQL wildcard character (%) to both sides of the value in Value:
Excel Value to Compare:Value: should be compared to an existing NAMED RANGE specified here with either Static Operator: or Dynamic Operator:
Case Data to Compare:Compare to a specific metadata field of the cases database table
(created, created_by, custom_id, last_modified, last_modified_by, status)
Pattern:Select a format for comparing dates, default dd-MM-yy
Delimiter:Character to delimit a SCALAR reference in Value: and Dynamic Operator: (default→%)
Dynamic Operator:Accepts an object reference to allow the User to dynamically specify an operator value or allow an Excel Client to dynamically specify filter inclusion criterion if the object reference is Excel linked.

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