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Guide Section: An EASAP GUI

INPUTBOX is a versatile data entry component that with a variety of modes depending on the setting of Input Type:

INPUTBOX may take the place of the following data entry objects:

Additionally, an INPUTBOX can provide two data types not found in other data entry objects:

  • Currency
  • Percentage

Finally, INPUTBOX formats Currency, Percentage and Number-types according to either the US or EU conventions (see Regional differences in number formats, below).

Optional Parameters:
Label:Text displayed to the left of box
Input Type:Select the data type.
Default:Default value to be displayed
Range Reference:Select NAMED RANGE or existing RANGE REFERENCE to link value to cell in an Excel spreadsheet
Label Width:Width in pixels of Label:
Label Style:A reference to a USER INTERFACE STYLE that controls the visual appearance of INPUTBOX's label.
Input Style:A literal string, a USER INTERFACE STYLE, or an object reference for dynamic CSS-style to apply to the input area
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then box shown, if FALSE then box NOT shown
Enable if:Logical expression, if TRUE then box enabled, if FALSE then box NOT enabled
Tool Tip:Text to be displayed as a tool tip
Decimal Places:The number of decimal places shown
Thousand Separator:Select whether to show a thousands separator (default→FALSE, TRUE).
See Regional differences in number formats.
Currency Symbol:Select the currency symbol (default→$, £, , ¥)
Pattern:Select a format for storage and display of date and time
Tab Index:Establish an order of preference for <TAB> key navigation
<TAB> delivers focus to Tab Index:→1 then 2 and continues in ascending numerical order
After the highest set Tab Index: value, focus is delivered to Tab Index:→0
Tab Index:→-1 will completely exclude this object from <TAB> focus selection
By default→Tab Index:0
Characters:Width of INPUTBOX in characters
Show Date Button:When set to TRUE, a BUTTON will be displayed next to the object which allows selection from a calendar. Only available if Input Type: DateTime. (default→TRUE)
Number Format Code:Select the custom number format to show.
Delimiter:Character to delimit object references in Label: and Default: above, with non-numeric Input Type:

Child objects of INPUTBOX:

Object Name Description
CONDITIONAL FORMATTINGChanges the appearance of an INPUTBOX if a certain condition applies.
DATA VALIDATIONDefines what data is allowed to be entered by users.
PARAMETRIC RANGEPerforms parametric studies with an EASAP.

Input Type:

Input Type: sets the type of data entered by the user. INPUTBOX has cell types compatible with Excel. Once Input Type: has been set for an INPUTBOX then other optional parameters will appear to allow further configuration. The available data types for Input Type: and their effects on the INPUTBOX are shown below.

The value of an INPUTBOX when Input Type: →Percentage is the actual decimal value; the displayed value is the actual value multiplied by 100.

Data Type Effect Optional Parameters
CurrencySets the data entered to be a number that
will be shown with the specified currency
symbol to the left of the number
Decimal Places:
Currency Symbol:
CustomSet the data entered to be a custom format
as specified by the selected format in the
Number Format Code: parameter
Decimal Places:
Thousand Separator:

Currency Symbol:
Number Format Code:
DateTimeSets the data entered to be a date and/or
time stored and shown in the form
specified by the Pattern: parameter
GeneralAllows any form of data to be entered-
NumberSets the data entered to be a numberDecimal Places:
Thousand Separator:
PercentageSets the data entered to be a number
represented as a percentage with
% symbol shown after the number
Decimal Places:
TextSets data entered will be treated as text,
even if it is numerical
Rowspan:Span vertically across more than one cell in a Parent LAYOUT PANEL or SUB PANE (with Layout:→GRID).
Colspan:Span horizontally across more than one cell in a Parent LAYOUT PANEL or SUB PANE (with Layout:→GRID).

Regional differences in number formats

'Thousands Separator' and 'Decimal Mark'

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