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Guide Section: Processing Events and Performing Actions | EASAP Tree: EVENT PROCESSINGACTION

MODIFY SCALAR ACTION formats or updates the value of a SCALAR.

Essential Parameters:
Action:Whether the value should be formatted or changed.
Scalar:The SCALAR to be modified.
Optional Parameters:
Delimiter:Character to delimit object references in Label: parameters. default→%
New Value:The new value to be used by the ACTION.
Input Type:For the 'Format Values' Action: (Currency, Datetime, Number, Percentage)
Value on Error:The value to be returned if the ACTION runs into an error.
Decimal Places:When selected Input Type: is set to 'Number' or 'Percentage' default→0.
When selected Input Type: is set to 'Currency' default→2
Currency Symbol:Select the currency symbol (default→$, £, €, ¥)
Thousand Separator:Select whether to show a comma as a thousands separator. (default→FALSE, TRUE)
Input Pattern:The date pattern corresponding to the input value. Only for 'Datetime' Input Type:
Output Pattern:The desired output pattern. Only for 'Datetime' Input Type:
Do if:Logical expression to control the circumstances when the ACTION takes place.

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