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Guide Section: Processing Events and Performing Actions | EASAP Tree: EVENT PROCESSINGACTION

OPEN BROWSER opens the specified URL in a browser window, by default as a new tab alongside the current EASAP tab.

The URL can be manually typed in using URL: or selected as a specific web page within EASA using EASA URL: ↑ URLs opened by OPEN BROWSER are opened in the client system’s default web browser.

If both Height: and Width: are set a new browser window will open, if either one is not set the parameters will be ignored.

Optional Parameters:
Do if:Logical expression, if TRUE then ACTION performed, if FALSE then ACTION NOT performed.
URL:Web address or URL to open in the browser, object references allowed
EASA URL:Select web page within EASA to open in the browser (Help, My Results, My Workspace)
Width:The width of the browser window in pixels, also set Height:
Height:The height of the browser window in pixels, also set Width:
Delimiter:Character to delimit object references in URL: (default→%)

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