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Guide Section: An EASAP GUI | EASAP Tree: PROPERTIES branch

The role of the PROPERTIES branch on the EASAP Tree is to set some basic properties of the EASAP.

PROPERTIES sets the locations where the EASAP will be available to a User in the Application Library.

  • Some of the basic properties to be set are:
    • EASAP Title
    • Author’s name and e-mail address
    • Default window size of the EASAP GUI
    • Thumbnail image and link for selecting the EASAP
    • Brief description of the EASAP
    • EASAP information file accessed in Application Library

The two Child objects in the PROPERTIES branch are:

Object Name Description
APPLICATIONContains administrative properties of the EASAP like Name, as well as design choices like Web Browser Client or EASA Client.
CATEGORYAn object used to determine where a User will be able to access the EASAP on the EASA Web Pages.
No parameters

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