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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSING LIST

REPEATED COMPUTE is similar to SCALAR COMPUTE only Value: allows LIST's.

A SCALAR (or LIST of length 1) may be referenced in the expression, its value is constant for each evaluation of Value:

The LIST length of a REPEATED COMPUTE is the length of the longest LIST referenced in the expression in Value:

Every LIST referenced in the expression for Value: must either be of length 1 or the same length.

Essential Parameters:
Value:Expression that defines values to compute from LIST references
Optional Parameters:
Type:Type of number computed (default→Real, Integer)
Unit Group:

Setting the Value: of a REPEATED COMPUTE to be equal to a text-type object may cause an EASAP to encounter errors and problems (ie. avoid setting Value: to a CHOICE LIST or TEXTBOX)

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