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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSINGLIST

REPEATED FORMAT performs number formatting on LIST of values.

  • REPEATED FORMAT formats a LIST of values,
    • As percentages
    • As currencies
    • Displays thousand separators
    • Set the number of decimal places to be shown
Essential Parameters:
List:Select a LIST reference
Optional Parameters:
Value on Error:Value to be returned in the event of an error
Input Type:Type of formatting (default→Number, Currency, Number, Percentage, Datetime)
Decimal Places:Number of decimal places the formatted numbers should show
Input Pattern:The pattern to be formatted. Only available if Input Type: is Datetime. If the Value: pattern doesn’t match output will be corrupted.
Output Pattern:The pattern to be produced. Only available if Input Type: is Datetime. If left empty output will be corrupted.
Thousand Separator:Set only on ‘Number’ input type. Sets whether a thousand separator is added to the displayed values.(default→FALSE, TRUE)
Currency Symbol:Set only on ‘Currency’ input type. Sets the currency symbol to be shown beside the values. (default→$, £, €, ¥)

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