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Guide Section: Diagramming

SECTOR draws a sector of a circle ('pie slice') or an annular ring.

  • SECTOR is defined by the parameters below:
    • An origin point about which the sector is rotated,
    • The inner and outer radii of the sector,
    • The starting and ending angles of the sector.

To specify a SECTOR of a circle, set the inner radius to zero.

To specify an arc of a circle by setting the inner and outer radii to the same value.

An angle value of zero is from the origin out along the positive x-axis (horizontal); angle values increase in a counter-clockwise direction.

The Angles: parameter accepts inline units of deg after the angle values to change from the the default units of radians.

Essential Parameters:
Origin:Point coordinates at the center of sector rotation: x0,y0
Radii:Inner and outer radii of sector: Ri, Ro
Angles:Starting and ending angles in radians: a1,a2. The zero angle is aligned horizontally from the origin out along the positive X-axis; angle values then increase in a counter-clockwise direction.
Optional Parameters:
Show if:Logical expression, if FALSE then shape NOT shown else default→TRUE
Fill Style:Select FILL STYLE from list. (default→Black, Opaque)
Line Style:Select LINE STYLE from list. default→Transparent
Transform:Select one or more TRANSFORM from list. Order selected is order applied.