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Guide Section: Interacting With Excel Spreadsheets | EASAP Tree: SPREADSHEET LIST branch

SHEET identifies a specific worksheet within the Excel workbook specified in its Parent SPREADSHEET.

The first time Sheet: is set for a SHEET in an EASAP Builder session, there will be delay while the workbook file is interrogated for the sheet names to populate the choice list. This information is then saved for the rest of the session.

$ or <DOLLAR SIGN> should not be used in the name of an Excel sheet, Excel dependency calculations will fail.

A sheet name in an Excel spreadsheet must not end with a space.

Optional Parameters:
Sheet:Select SHEET within spreadsheet.
Additional Dependents:Comma-separated list of dependent cells beyond calculated values.
Re-run dependency calculation after setting. (eg. 1!A5→Cell A5 in Sheet 1)
Password:Password for a password protected sheet within a SPREADSHEET