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Guide Section: An EASAP GUI

A SUB PANE creates a rectangular area in the GUI to group data entry and display objects.

A common use case use involves an arrangement of other SUB PANE's in a rectangular table:

  • Create a 2 row x 3 column grid Parent SUB PANE or LAYOUT PANEL for six Child SUB PANE's
  • For the Parent set:
    • Layout: GRID
    • Grid: 2,3
    • Show Border: FALSE

Optional Parameters:
Border:Label displayed on SUB PANE's border, object references allowed.
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then pane shown, if FALSE then pane NOT shown
Enable if:Logical expression, if TRUE then pane enabled, if FALSE then pane NOT enabled
Layout:Specify placement of Child objects within a SUB PANE, default→VERTICAL, HORIZONTAL, HORIZONTAL FLOW, or GRID (in which case Grid: must be set)
Grid: If Layout:→GRID, Grid: will define the dimensions of a rowsxcolumns grid for Child objects using integers in the form rows,columns (eg. 5,7 for a 'calendar month grid of days')
Show Border:Show border rectangle, default→TRUE or FALSE
Label Width:Width in pixels for all object labels in SUB PANE
Style:A literal string, a USER INTERFACE STYLE or an object reference that controls the visual appearance of this SUB PANE.
Column Widths: Row Heights:Fixed by the Excel Range Wizard in 'Spreadsheet compatibility' mode.
To modify these values, convert the SUB PANE, right-click select →'Change Object Type'→ to LAYOUT PANEL (the new object will have Style: settings imported from Excel but now modifiable by an Author.
Style to Child:Should Child objects inherit the Style: of this SUB PANE? default→FALSE
Each Child→Style: must be left blank or else it will take precedence over the Parent→Style:
Visual Compatibility:Should the content within the SUB PANE should mimic the look of an Excel spreadsheet? SPREADSHEET is required for Change Object Type to LAYOUT PANEL under right-click menu. default→No
Show If Mode:Allows the entire row of objects to be hidden when Show If: is FALSE. This prevents a GRID layout from collapsing. default→NORMAL, ROW HIDING
Rowspan:Span vertically across more than one cell in a Parent LAYOUT PANEL or SUB PANE with Parent→Layout:GRID
Colspan:Span horizontally across more than one cell in a Parent LAYOUT PANEL or SUB PANE with Parent→Layout:GRID