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Show if:

Enable if:

The Enable if: parameter is similar to Show if: except that it doesn’t ever hide an object, it just disables it. In many cases, the object will be ‘grayed out’ to indicate being disabled. See logical expressions.

Tab Type: 'Panel Bars'

Nested TABBED PANE's can be displayed as collapsible panel bars in the Web Browser Client. This display mode is specified using the Parent TABBED PANE LIST → Tab Type: parameter, which is only available for nested TABBED PANE's.

An example of panel bar display mode is shown below:

Child Objects

To add a GUI object to a TABBED PANE, right-click the TABBED PANE and select Child→Add [GUI Object from the list below]

BUTTONRectangular region that triggers an ACTION when clicked.
CASE VIEWERTable for the selection of a case and subsequent launch of an Excel Client.
EXTERNAL FILTERApplies SQL query to filter the case records visible in a CASE VIEWER
FILTERLogical comparison to filter the case records visible in a CASE VIEWER
CHOICE LISTSelects from a drop down list of possible values.
DATEBOXAccepts and formats date input.
FILE CHOICESelects a file from local file system for use by an EASAP.
IMAGEDisplays images in the GUI.
INPUTBOXA versatile data entry component that can be configured to behave in a variety of modes.
INTEGERBOXAccepts integer input.
LABELDisplays text and image data.
LAYOUT PANELPrecisely control the layout and CSS style of GUI objects.
LOGICBOXAccepts either 'checked' or 'unchecked' selection.
REALBOXAccepts a real or decimal number input.
SELECTORAppears as a list of custom items in a table.
SPACERVertical or horizontal space between adjacent objects on the Tree.
SUB PANEContainer for GUI objects arranged in a box.
TABULATED DATADisplays tables of LIST data.
TEXTAREAAccepts input text and displays output text.
TEXTBOXAccepts input text in a box.
EVENT PROCESSINGParent object for EVENT PROCESSING tools, below.
SLIDERAccepts a mouse-selected numerical value within a specified range.
POLLProvides the ability to automatically, repeatedly trigger an action at a defined interval.

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