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Guide Sections: An EASAP GUI, Generate Output and a Report

TABULATED DATA is a table of LIST data in USER INTERFACE branch or OUTPUT branch reports.

TABULATED DATA displays the values of one or more LIST's in columns.

The number of rows in the table is determined by the length of the longest LIST in Columns:

The User may click a column title to change the sort order of the rows, alpha-numerically ascending or descending.

Capital letters in the name of a TABULATED DATA can cause unexpected behavior in some versions of Google Chrome, use lowercase instead.

An example of a table generated using a TABULATED DATA in the user interface is shown below.

Data Selection in Tables

TABULATED DATA allows a User to select a row within the table, which updates the SCALAR named in the Selected Row Index:

  • For example
    • Select a TABULATED DATA (let's call it tabulated_data1)
      • Set Select Mode: → Single Row
    • Create an EVENT PROCESSING,
    • Expand it
    • Right-click the Child EVENT
      • Select Child→Add TABLE SELECTED EVENT.
        • Set Objects:tabulated_data1

An ACTION may now be added that processes the data by the User selected row. The explicit SCALAR identified Selected Row Index: will contain the index for the User selected row.

Column Titles:Comma-separated list of column titles, object references allowed.
Columns:Select one or more LIST's.
Optional Parameters:
Header Height:Height of the header in pixels. default→20.
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then table shown, if FALSE then table NOT shown.
Lock Column Width:Select whether the width of the columns should be resizable or locked.
Delimiter:Character to delimit object references in Column Titles: above (default→%)
Under USER INTERFACE Optional Parameters:
Title:Title to be displayed above table.
Width:Width of table box in pixels.
Height:Height of table box in pixels.
Selected Row Index:Sets an explicit SCALAR to the number of the selected row when Select Mode:→Single Row. The index starts at 1. A value of -1 means no row selected. Setting the SCALAR will change the currently selected row. If the data changes such that the selected row cannot be viewed Selected Row Index: does not update from its current value.
Column Sizes:Comma-separated list of column widths values in pixels.
To provide sizes for some columns and leave others set as the default use a size of-1.
Select Mode:Activate cell selection within table by selecting one of the available modes.
Under OUTPUT Optional Parameters:
Title:Title to be displayed below table in Results page report.
Table Style:HTML STYLE for drawing table
Title Style: HTML STYLE for table title.