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Guide Section: Generate Output and a Report | EASAP Tree: OUTPUTREPORT

TEXT OUTPUT creates basic text elements in an EASAP’s report.

Text content can be entered in one of two ways either,

  1. directly in EASAP Builder in Text:
  2. by reading it from a text file specified in File:
  • Object references are allowed in Text: within the file specified in File: allowing a report to,
    • Reiterate the user’s inputs
    • Display output data extracted out of results files

File: allows text file report templates for use in the reports of other EASAPs.

  • For displaying numerical data, object references may include inline units and number formatting. For example,
    • %Stress [MPa] 10.3f%

The Style: parameter helps offset titles and headings from graphics within your report.

Since only one style is used per TEXT OUTPUT, multiple TEXT OUTPUT's are used to build a complete report body.

Optional Parameters:
File:Name of file containing text to be displayed in EASA→Results page report. Object references allowed
Text:Text to be displayed in EASA→Results page report. Object references allowed
Delimiter:Character to delimit object references in File: or Text: above. default→%
Style:HTML STYLE for text
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then text shown, if FALSE then text NOT shown
Encoding:Text encoding used in File: default→US-ASCII

Even though all parameters are labelled as optional, either File: or Text: must be set or an error message will be displayed.