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Applications Menu‌

Under the Applications menu, you will find your organization’s library of EASA Applications, or EASAPs.

To view the available EASAPs found under the Applications menu, select the Applications tab and then select one of the various categories on your EASA system using the Category pull-down list.

Each category will contain a set of EASAPs. These EASAPs can be displayed either in a Table View or a Gallery View by clicking on the Table View or Gallery View selections, respectively, under the Applications menu.

Note: If no selections appear on the Applications page under the Applications menu, then no EASAPs have been published on your EASA system as yet. You can contact the EASA Authors on your system to find out when EASAPs are scheduled to be published for your use. See the Help Menu page on contacting Authors.

Table View of EASAPs‌

You will want to use the Table View when you are unfamiliar with the EASAPs in a category. There are a few reasons for this suggestion. First, you can get additional information about the EASAP in the Description column of the Table View. Second, you will have the ability to sort the rows in the table in Table View. These features are not available with the Gallery View. An example of a Table View of EASAPs found under a category selection is shown below.

Opening an EASAP

In the Table View, EASAPs are opened by clicking on either the title link of the EASAP in the Title column or the thumbnail image in the Image column. The EASAP will open in a separate window.

Note: If you try to open an EASAP that requires the EASA client and it is not installed on your computer as described at Installing the EASA Client, a warning message will appear prompting you to install it and you will then be redirected to the Install Client page.

Searching for EASAPs

Beyond just looking at the EASAPs directly, another way to find the EASAP which you are looking for is to use the Search capability provided both in Table View and Gallery View. You can search for content in both the Title and Description columns by typing the search text in the text box next to the Search button and then clicking on the Search button.

To view the entire table of EASAPs again, click on the Reset button.

You will want to use the Gallery View when you are more familiar with the EASAPs in a category since all EASAPs are always displayed. To open an EASAP in a Gallery View, you either click on its title link or its thumbnail image. An example of a Gallery View of EASAPs found under a category selection is shown below.

After you have successfully opened an EASAP, you will be able to modify the user inputs and submit it to run an analysis. The Using Applications (EASAPs) page provides more detailed information about the use of EASAPs.

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