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Getting Started‌

To be able to run EASAPs and generate results, you will need to become a User and have an account on the EASA system.

Access EASA‌

EASA is accessed at a web address via a web browser.

  • The EASA web address varies by installation, but typically will have a form similar to,
    • http://domain_name/easa

where domain_name is the domain name of the EASA Server at an organization, often just a computer name.

To access the EASA system within your organization, you will need to first find out the local web address by contacting your IT department. After receiving the address, enter it in your web browser to access the EASA Log In page as shown below,

Obtaining your User ID‌

Contact your EASA Administrator to get a User account (login and password) on an EASA Server.

A list of your EASA Administrator will be displayed when you select Support under the Help menu.

If you have special expertise or knowledge and would like to generate EASAPs of your own, the EASA Administrator may add Author access to a User account. You may wish to take an Author training course. Technical support is also available from an EASA support office.

Logging in to EASA‌

  1. With a browser access the URL,
    • https://domain_name/easa
  2. Enter a User name and Password
  3. Click Log In

After logging in to EASA, you may be requested to re-enter your password if your session expires due to a certain time of inactivity, which is usually set to 30 minutes.

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