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EASAP GUI Components‌

Since EASAP authors use the tools within EASA, all EASAPs will have similar Graphical User Interface (GUI) components, thus providing a consistent look and feel. The following sections will describe in more detail the common GUI components within EASAPs.

An EASAP configured to run in the Web Browser Client offer a simplified user interface designed to run EASAPs in a web browser.

An example of the Web Browser Client is shown below.

Web Browser Client

The Web Browser Client features several function buttons to help manage the saving and submission of your EASAPs.

Icon Name Function
SaveSave EASAP Saves current version of EASAP to Workspace. Always prompts for file name.
SubmitSubmit EASAP Submits EASAP for EASA to run.
HelpEASAP HelpOpens the help pages for the EASAP in a separate browser window.
ExitExitCloses the Web Browser client window without saving.

Tabbed Pane

The GUI components below the EASAP Toolbar will vary in terms of content from one EASAP to another yet every EASAP has at least one TABBED PANE.

A tabbed pane represents one window pane’s worth of content on an EASAP. A 'tab' contains a descriptive label. Clicking on a tab selects that tabbed pane for display.

Input Region‌

The Input Region contains all of the data entry boxes for a tabbed pane. This area can also contain messages and tables that display results data and information. In this area, a User enters data through a variety of methods,

  • Pull-down menus or choice lists
  • Text input boxes
  • Real and integer number input boxes
  • Slider bars
  • Check boxes

The number, layout and content of these data entry boxes will vary from EASAP to EASAP depending on the application.

Both standard decimal notation (e.g. 102.4 or 0.024) and exponential notation (e.g. 1.024E+2 or 2.4E-2) are allowed when entering real numbers in real number input boxes.

Uploading Files

In some cases, an EASAP will require that you specify and upload a particular type of file as input, such as a spreadsheet. The input box for a file upload will appear as shown below.

File Choice

To upload a file, you first click on the Browse buttons located to the right of the input box, and then you locate and select your file. Finally, you click on the Upload button to upload your file.

Diagram Region‌

When a diagram is present on a tabbed pane, it will appear in the Diagram Region to the left of the Input Region. In this area, EASAP authors can display a variety of images, graphs or diagrams. There are two fundamental reasons for the presence of diagrams in an EASAP:

  1. Provide visual feedback to help you with input data entry
  2. Display graphical output from results data generated by the EASAP

Examples of possible visual feedback mechanisms on data entry that you may encounter include:

  • Shape change of image to reflect your dimensional input
  • Line graphs that plot properties of items you have selected
  • Appearance of text, shapes or dimension lines to highlight areas of concern Examples of possible graphical output of results that you may encounter include:
    • Line graphs of results data
    • Color contour plots of results data

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