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EASA provides several choices under the Help menu that points you to the appropriate page of the Documentation for tools to learn how to use EASA as well as for finding solutions when you run into problems.

What these choices are depend on the EASA role you selected and different options will be available for User Mode, Author Mode and Admin Mode.


From time to time, you may not find all the answers to your questions in the Documentation, and you will need to communicate with people designated within your organization to provide support of your EASA system. These people will be the users on your system that are Administrators or Authors.
The Support selection under the Help menu provides a list of Administrators and Authors and their respective contact details.
You may need to contact Administrators for any of the following reasons:

  • You need help installing the EASA Client on your computer.
  • You need to be given Author permissions on your account.

You may need to contact an Author when you have questions regarding a specific EASAP that they have published.

Finally, the EASA Server Up Time can be found here. The exact time when the server was started is shown as well as how many days passed since then.

About EASA

You can see the EASA version number of your current installation under this tab.

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