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Session 6: Reporting Results via an Excel Spreadsheet

Estimated completion time → 10 minutes.

An EASAP can interact with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets within the USER INTERFACE branch both via cell references in data entry objects and ACTIONS within an EVENT PROCESSING. However, in the PROCESSES branch, only the ACTION mechanism is available. In this case the EVENT occurs on the EASA Server during a batch EASAP submission instead of on the user’s 'client' computer during an interactive user interface session.

In this practical session we write the results of the latest stock search into a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet to create a report from the EASAP. This spreadsheet will then be made available to the user via a link in the report generated as described in the next practical session.

  • Select EASA→Set Mode→Author
  • Select our 'Stock Screener' in EASA→Applications→My EASAPs
  • Open it in the EASAP Builder.

First we specify the spreadsheet that will interact with the EASAP. On the EASAP Tree,

  • Right-click SPREADSHEET LIST branch
    • Select Child→Add SPREADSHEET
      • Select spreadsheet1
        • Set,
          • File:Results.xls
          • Batch Only: TRUE
  • Right-click spreadsheet1
    • Select Child→Add SHEET
      • Rename it Results
        • Click in its Sheet: parameter value cell and wait until the cell becomes an active pull- down selection (a popup form is shown while the sheets are extracted from the spreadsheet).
  • Once active, select Results as its value
    • (ie. Sheet:→ Results)

We are ready to add a WRITE EXCEL ACTION to specify cells in the spreadsheet in which the EASAP will write the current stock data.

Parameter Name Parameter Value
Sheets:Results, Results, Results, Results, Results, Results, Results, Results
Ranges:A17, B17, C17, D17, E17, F17, G17, H17
Lists:Symbol, Company, Industry, SPIndex, Exchange, Price, Sector, repeated_format_Revenue

All four essential parameters of a WRITE EXCEL ACTION must contain the same number of entries. here write_excel_action_Results has eight (8) values in each parameter.

For Type: → 'COLUMN' only the starting cell is specified in the Ranges: parameter as it will write data down a column in the spreadsheet starting at the specified cell and continuing until each of the LIST's specified in Lists: have been completely written.

We will create a similar WRITE EXCEL ACTION to write the financial query filters in the spreadsheet.

  • Right-click write_excel_action_Results
    • Select Sibling→Add WRITE EXCEL ACTION
      • Rename it write_excel_action_Filters
        • Set,
Parameter Name Parameter Value
Sheets:Named Range, Named Range, Named Range
Lists:map_Query_Report, inputbox_Exchange, inputbox_Sector
  • Save the EASAP, click Save or type CTRL-s

At this point the NAMED RANGE LIST will be generated automatically and the EASAP Tree should look similar to the following,

We have completed Session 6 and either proceed to the next session or take a break and exit out of EASAP Builder.

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