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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSING LIST

REPEATED SUBSTRING extracts part of a string based on character position for each string in a LIST.

Any LIST references in the input string of length greater than one must all be the same length.

The substring operation is repeated for each value in the input LIST, the output LIST will also be this length.

The character numbering starts at 1, if unset the default start position is at the first character of the string and the default end position is the last character of the string.

Start Index: and End Index: may be expressions. If any of the start or end indexes are outside of the size of the string, the REPEATED SUBSTRING will be in an error state, which may be trapped if required using an EXPAND.

Essential Parameters:
Value:String which may contain object references.
Optional Parameters:
Start Index:Integer between 1 and length of string. default→1
End Index:Integer between 1 and length of string. If unset defaults to length of string. Must be greater or equal start if both set.
Trim White Spaces:Removes white spaces from the start and end of Value: (default→TRUE)

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