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Administrator-mode on the EASA Server

The Administrator interface is for configuring and maintaining the EASA Server.

This article briefly describes the various options.


  • Users→add, modify, delete or force log off a User; or designate a Named User (license-specific)
  • User Groups→add, modify, or delete a User Group
  • Compute Servers→monitor and test Compute Servers including Excel Servers and Excel processes
  • Clients→historically a standalone EASA Client was supported, currently only in-browser EASAP's are supported
  • Languages→export, modify and import a translation spreadsheet to support a new language in EASA.
  • Custom Code→create, upload and configure custom Java code to use within an EASAP
  • Databases→configure database connections, upload drivers, and run test queries (see Connect to an external database)
  • Email→configure the EASA Server to send email via SMTP