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Announcements and Alerts

There will be times when an Administrator will want to communicate with the Users.

  • A message might notify a User that,
    • the EASA Server will go offline; stop, save current work and log out of EASA by a certain time.
    • a new EASAP has been Published add details of what it does and how to use it.
    • new User and Author licenses have been installed with a new expiration date.
  • An Announcement may send an email to EASA Users. Configure via,
    • EASA→Set Mode→Administrator→System→Announcements
  • an announcement is one of the following…
    • Information
    • Alert
  • All announcements will show up on
    • EASA→Set Mode→User→News

An Alert opens in a new browser window which displays the News page the next User login before the expire time.

An example of the News page announcement in User-mode is shown below.

When prompted by an Alert announcement, the News page will only display announcements created since the last time a user has accessed the EASA system.

Create an Announcement

  • To create a new announcement for users of the EASA system,
    • log in to EASA using an account with Administrator privileges
    • select EASA→Set Mode→Administrator
    • select EASA→System→Announcements
      • click on Create New Announcement
      • fill in the Add Announcement form
        • specify a Title
        • select a time frame for when the announcement Expires
        • set the Type to either Information or Alert
        • fill in the Text of the announcement
        • click Add Announcement

The new announcement should be visible as a new row in the Previous Announcements table.

  • To modify an existing announcement
    • click Edit Announcement () of the Previous Announcements table
    • modify the Title and Text of the announcement

If an Alert is modified, it will not pop-up a second time for a User that has already viewed it.

To delete an existing announcement, click on Delete Announcement () in the Previous Announcements table.