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Configure a Compute Server

A default EASA installation includes a local Compute Server and for a Windows installation with 'MS Excel Support', a local Excel Server.

Thus, by default it is possible to complete the Authoring tutorials, or create-test-publish a 'proof of concept' before configuring any additional compute servers.

This default single machine system will have the full capabilities of a distributed system, though it may lack capacity.

In cases where the number of users exceeds the capacity of the single machine installation, or where processing is to be done on a remote machine with a shared resource (such as MATLAB), a remote Compute Server must be installed and configured.

Configuration involves two tasks:

  • Establishing communication between the EASA Server and the Compute Server
  • Defining a software application that will be run on the Compute Server

The steps below will accomplish this:

  1. Determine the communication protocol between the EASA Server and a Compute Server
    If needed install Remote Compute Server software on the Compute Server
  2. Use the Compute Server Configuration Tool to configure a Compute Server in the EASA system

A firewall service running on the Compute Server or anywhere between the Compute Server and EASA Server may prevent connection to the necessary ports.

The following articles provide more information: