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DCOM settings for an Excel Server

A new Windows user might want to run the tomcat service and Excel.

Here we outline how to adjust DCOM permissions for a hypothetical new user, EASA-user.

  • As EASA supports 32-bit Excel start a DOS command line and start the 32-bit Microsoft management console.
    • type mmc comexp.msc /32 (we use Windows 10 in this example)
      • navigate to Component Services→Computers→My Computer→DCOM Config
        • right-click Microsoft Excel Application below

If Excel is missing from the list confirm a C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\Desktop file exists.

Confirm there are 'Full Control' permissions, right-click the file and select 'Security'.

  • select Properties
    • Customize all three types of permissions below to include a user that wishes to run the tomcat service and Excel.
      • Launch and Activation Permissions
      • Access Permissions
      • Configuration Permissions

Click Customize for Launch and Activation Permissions below.

After Customize, click Add to search for a user who will run tomcat service and Excel.

  • select the user, in our example EASA-user, and check Allow Launch and Activation permissions for a user
  • check Allow for all of them, below

  • repeat for
    • Access Permissions
    • Configuration Permissions