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Modify default MySQL passwords

An EASA installation is designed to 'work-off-the-shelf'.

  • Default passwords other than for demo are initially assigned and will need to be changed in,
    1. MySQL
    2. Four EASA configuration files
    3. The demo password is set via the EASA configuration record for StockData

1. Modify MySQL passwords

  • Determine strong passwords for each MySQL user,
    • sa
    • demo
    • exceluser
    • signeruser
  • Update MySQL with the new passwords. In a mysql client,
    • mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'sa'@'localhost' = 'new_password_for_sa';
    • mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'demo'@'localhost' = 'new_password_for_demo';
    • mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'exceluser'@'localhost' = 'new_password_for_exceluser';
    • mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'signeruser'@'localhost' = 'new_password_for_signeruser';

2. Modify three EASA configuration files

  • In each of the files below,
    • <SERVERDATA>\easa-share\admin\config\
      • easa.cfg.xml
      • excel.cfg.xml
      • excelTesting.cfg.xml
      • signer.cfg.xml
  • in a text editor find hibernate.connection.username property
    • eg. <property name=“hibernate.connection.username”>exceluser</property>
  • update the corresponding password property below it with a new password,
    • eg.<property name=“hibernate.connection.password”>new_password_for_exceluser</property>

3. Update StockData password

  • Navigate to EASA→Administrator→Configure→Databases→Configure Databases
  • Select StockData
  • Click Edit
  • Update the password for demo