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EXCEL SERVER specifies a Compute Server machine to run Excel.

Essential Parameters:
Hostname:Enter name of computer
This parameter must be unique to each EXCEL SERVER object
A single machine can only serve as one Excel Server
Server Processing:Select an EXCEL SERVER PROCESSING object from drop-down list.
Optional Parameters:
Number of Processes: Number of Excel processes run to service user requests
Default: 3
Visibility:Select if a running Excel should be visible and interactive when an Excel process is run by an EASAP
Default: Hidden, Visible
'Visible' requires the Excel Server is run in application mode rather than as a service (see below)
Timeout:Enter a number of seconds of inactivity allowed before workbook removed from an Excel process
Default: 1800
Excel Server Types:
Select a reference to an EXCEL SERVER TYPE to create a group of Excel Servers with some specific capability, or which are bound to a particular EASAP or group of EASAP's
SPREADSHEET > Excel Server Type: binds a spreadsheet to a group of Excel Servers
Use this when specifying a group of EASAP's to preload
Configuration Only:Configure a machine as a combined EASAP/Excel Server
Default: False, True
User Groups:Specify one or more user group(s) to define the pool of EASAP's available on this Excel Server
In Administrator-mode configure a new group via EASA > Configure > User Groups


When an Excel EASAP runs, a spreadsheet is loaded and an Excel process is allocated on an Excel Server.

Typically an EASAP User will modify inputs via his or her browser and output cells or charts will be displayed in the browser window; typically the spreadsheet is not actually shown (it is 'Hidden').

To watch the running spreadsheet for debugging purposes (do not change any cells) set Visibility: Visible

This feature is only available on an Excel Server run as an application (ie. from <EASAROOT>\tomcat\bin ) rather than as a service.