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Administrator Guide

EASA is a flexible and robust platform to run business applications and share results across an organization's network.

EASA is designed with the following core principles in mind:

  • Customers have diverse needs thus EASA is easily customized
  • A default EASA Server installation simply works 'out-of-the-box'
  • As a customer's needs expand further configuration may be required

This section is a reference for an EASA Administrator.

Getting Started

  • Start or Stop EASA
    Start/Stop procedures differ by whether EASA is running as a service or as an application


These tasks may be required after installing EASA:

System Administration

These tasks fall to an EASA Administrator:

  • Enable email
    Send email from an EASAP or for administrator notifications

Advanced Configuration

These tasks involve database, networking and security:

Access Control


  • keytool
    Use a self-signed certificate via the Java keypair utility