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Material Property file example

Here we extract a list of materials and associated physical properties from a text file for use in a CHOICE LIST.

The 'database' file containing the physical properties of various materials, material.txt, is shown below.

  • to extract data from a material.txt database in a text file,
    • right-click tabbed_pane1
    • right-click data_processing1→LIST
      • select Child→Add EXTRACT named extract1
        • set File: material.txt
    • right-click extract1
      • select Child→Add REPEAT
        • for its Child FIND set the parameters in the screenshot below

  • right-click data_processing1
    • select Child→Add CHOICE LIST
      • set the parameters in the screenshot below

extract1 has created three new LIST's, mname, Ein and muin which may be used elsewhere as input data for the underlying software applications of the EASAP. To see an example of this see Manipulate User Input.