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Processing Events and Performing Actions

In this section, the tools available within an EASAP to process events and then perform associated actions will be described in detail. By including event processing into an EASAP, you have the ability to make its user interface be much more interactive, and less reliant on only batch-type submissions. Some examples of situations where processing events will be useful are:

  • Updating data to and from databases and Excel spreadsheets
  • Reading data from files
  • Performing error checks prior to submitting a run
  • Refreshing images and data generated as results
  • Opening a file in a new browser window
  • Change the user’s view to a new tabbed pane
  • Open a form
  • Running macros and exporting images within Excel spreadsheets
  • Executing specially developed actions via custom code in the API

Event Processing Objects

EVENT PROCESSING is a Parent for Child EVENT's and ACTION's.

EVENT PROCESSING objects is a reference list of Child objects under an EVENT PROCESSING with details on how to use them.

Setting Explicit Object Values

A common use of EVENT PROCESSING is to set explicit object values using ACTION's.

Event Processing Examples

EVENT PROCESSING Examples shows some typical uses of EVENT PROCESSING.