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Excel Desktop Client Reference

Activate a spreadsheet for EDC

The objects below have specific roles in an Excel Client EASAP.

To make any of these objects active an Author must:

  • Upload a spreadsheet and
  • For this SHEET set
    File: (the spreadsheet filename)
    Desktop: TRUE

For a completed example and the steps to create an EDC version of Mortgage Calculator EASAP see Author a simple EDC EASAP

Only recent Excel versions are supported

Please update to a more recent version if you are running an Excel version that is older than: Excel 2010 14.0.7165.5000

Add VBA to Capture Excel→Save and Excel > Close

To hide proprietary formulas and VBA from the User an Excel Client an Author should Implement locked-mode for an Excel Client spreadsheet

Add custom VBA to run on Excel Client > Open and Excel Client > Save

A customer may run their own VBA:

  • Initially when an Excel Client is first opened by implementing a module and function called: EASA.onEDCOpen
  • Just before an EASA Ribbon > Save writes to the database by implementing a module and function called: EASA.onEDCSave

Add custom VBA to dismiss Excel Client > Save

Function onBeforeEASASave() As Boolean
    ' ...(optional) customer code
    onBeforeEASASave = True
End Function

Add custom VBA to ask User, 'Save case before closing?'

The following VBA will ask an EDC User if he or she would like to save the case record before closing the Excel Client instance.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
  If Sheets("EASA").Range("EASA") <> "" Then
    If MsgBox?("Do you want to save your CASE before closing ?", vbYesNo, "CASE") = vbYes Then
      ThisWorkbook?.Unprotect Pass
      Application.Run "Easa.xlamEasaRibbon.Save", a
      ThisWorkbook?.Saved = True
      Application.Run "Easa.xlamEasaRibbon.ProtectClean?"
      ThisWorkbook?.Unprotect Pass
      ThisWorkbook?.Saved = True
      Application.Run "Easa.xlamEasaRibbon.ProtectClean?"
    End If
  End If
End Sub 

An imported Excel Client EASAP name must be unique

An imported Excel Client EASAP name will be incremented with an integer in parenthesis if one of the same name already exists.

Excel Client EASAP's cannot be deleted in the traditional sense as the data viewable in a CASE VIEWER is persistent by design.

Excel Named Ranges must not have 'prop_' as a prefix

Due to some unfortunate internal behavior of Excel, any named range with a prefix ' prop_ ' in any combination of capital or lowercase letters will cause the complete loss of data integrity within that range.

For an Excel Client spreadsheet rename any named range with the prefix ' prop_ ' to ' my_prop_ ' or ' property_ ', etc…


In order to download an Excel Client instance without using a CASE VIEWER add this javascript to the Label: of a LABEL.

Modify milliseconds before edc.xlsm times out

An EDC EASAP will allow the edc.xlsm file may only be opened and used for 90 seconds after it has been downloaded.

This default may be modified in: <SERVERDATA>\jsf-easa\admin\config\ change ' edc.automaticOpen.timeout=90000 '

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