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CONDITIONAL FORMATTING changes the appearance of an INPUTBOX if a certain condition is true.

Parameter: defines which aspect of the parent INPUTBOX will be conditionally modified:

  • Input Style:
  • Label Style:
  • Tool Tip:

For the first two, Style: specifies a USER INTERFACE STYLE to substitute.

For Tool Tip: the New Value: parameter will contain the text to substitute into the parent's Tool Tip: field.

Optional Parameters:
Parameter:Select which Parent parameter to modify.
(default: Input Style , Label Style , Tool Tip )
Do if:Logical expression (default: true )
Style:Select from dropdown list of USER INTERFACE STYLE's.
(only when Parameter: is 'Input Style' or 'Label Style').
New Value:The new content of the parent's Tool Tip:
(only when Parameter: is 'Tool Tip')