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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSINGLIST

CUT creates a subset LIST from an existing one.

CUT requires either start and end indexes or a filter that accepts values based on a logical expression.

Any LIST referenced in the logical expression in Filter: must be the same length as the one set in List:

Optional Parameters:
List:enter an existing LIST
Optional Parameters:
Start:index location of first of several sequential values to cut from LIST, Expressions allowed
End:index location of last value to cut from LIST, Expressions allowed
Filter:logical expression, if TRUE then value in List: is included
any LIST references here will be colored blue to show the filter is applied to each element in turn


Filter: is a powerful way to include or exclude a value in the output LIST.

Each element in List: will be included if the logical expression in Filter: is true.

Filter: allows SCALAR and LIST references but any LIST's must have the same number of elements as in List:

  • create a LIST only_evens → 0,1,0,1,0,1
  • create a LIST one_to_five → 1,2,3,4,5
  • create a CUT output
    • List: one_to_five
    • Filter: only_evens==1
  • output is 2,4