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Guide Section: An EASAP GUI

A DATA TABLE is a dynamically sized table of INPUTBOX's or LOGICBOX's that may be connected to underlying software.

DATA TABLE may have a custom Child HEADER.

Optional Parameters:
Show if:logical expression, if TRUE then table shown, if FALSE then table NOT shown
Style:USER INTERFACE STYLE that controls the visual appearance of this object's background
Insert Rows:set to YES to show a plus sign at the end of each row
click the sign to append a new row under the sign (default→NO, YES)
Delete Rows:set to YES, to show an X sign at the end of each row
click the sign to remove the row with the sign (default→NO, YES)
Maximum Rows Per Page:if the number of rows is higher than this integer, partition rows into pages and show a page selector under the DATA TABLE, default→50
Display Rows Per Page Selector:set to YES to show a drop-down menu with preset numbers to modify the Maximum Rows Per Page:
set this option to NO to hide the selector (default→YES)
Connected Explicit Lists:each LIST specified here will be connected to a Child INPUT- or LOGICBOX LIST of the DATA TABLE
when a User updates a value one element in an explicit LIST value will update, by default
otherwise, set Connection Type: → READ ONLY to initialize the DATA TABLE with the LIST data, however changes will not propagate
the number of LIST's here must match the number of Child INPUTBOX / LOGICBOX LIST's
Connection Type:the connection may be READ ONLY or READ AND WRITE (default)
Rowspan:Span vertically across more than one cell in a parent LAYOUT PANEL or SUB PANE with Layout: GRID
Colspan:Span horizontally across more than one cell in a parent LAYOUT PANEL or SUB PANE with Layout: GRID
Select Page By Row: update this SCALAR with a SET VALUE ACTION to jump to the page which contains that row
enter the name of an new explicit SCALAR to contain the currently selected row index

Queue Size:|raise this number to 5 or higher to lower overhead for modifying rows, default→1|

DATA TABLE has the following Child objects:

Object Name Description
HEADERGUI object appears above the INPUTBOX's, optional
SPACERadd vertical or horizontal space between objects, optional
INPUTBOX LISTeach column of INPUTBOX's to appear
LOGICBOX LISTeach column of LOGICBOX's to appear

Select Page By Row:

This offers a powerful way to navigate across a large or a 'multi-page' DATA TABLE.

By updating this SCALAR the 'page' and row with that index will become visible in the DATA TABLE.

  • Select Page By Row: has a few important caveats,
    • if it is set to an index higher than the number of rows, focus will pass to the last DATA TABLE page
    • when a User changes the current page, the SCALAR will take the value of the first row on that page
    • set the SCALAR to an invalid row and the current page will not change (initial row index →1)