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Guide Section: Excel Desktop Client | EASAP Tree: EVENT PROCESSING > ACTION

DATABASE TO EXCEL DESKTOP launches an Excel Client from an EASAP.

DATABASE TO EXCEL DESKTOP may initialize named ranges in the spreadsheet with values from an EASAP.

The parameters an Author must configure depend on the value of the Action: parameter.

Use Initialize Named Ranges: and Initialization Data: to Implement locked-mode for an Excel Client spreadsheet.

Essential Parameters:
Action:                     Select an EASA Sheets action:
New - start an Excel Client with a spreadsheet (with default values) to create a new case
Open - the currently selected case in an Excel Client (CASE VIEWER is a SCALAR with the selected 'case id')
Clone - copy a case record in the database, INSERT it back into the database with a new case ID

Upgrade - open a new spreadsheet (or spreadsheet 'version') with current case data.
If the new spreadsheet contains a new named range, the old case record update with the new named range added with the string value 'NO VALUE'. Once the case record is opened via an Upgrade the cells will have the Excel <BLANK> or empty value unless the named range has a default value.
Case Id:
except when Action: New
Enter a CASE VIEWER (which contains the selected case ID) or another SCALAR reference or a literal with a case ID to open (required for Action: Open, Clone, or Upgrade)
New Case Id:
when Action: Clone or Upgrade
Enter the name for a new SCALAR which will contain the cloned or upgraded case id
Optional Parameters:
Initialize Named Ranges:Select one or more NAMED RANGEs to initialize with Initialization Data:
Initialization Data:Select a SCALAR for each single-cell NAMED RANGE (or LIST for each multi-cell range) in Initialize Named Ranges:
Excel writes a two dimensional range of cells in rows from left to right, then top to bottom
This data will overwrite the default spreadsheet values
Data Separator:Set an alternate character or string to separate elements in a LIST when data (often text) allows a comma as a valid literal character
Read Only:
when Action: Open
Enter a logical expression which if true will prevent any modification of the case data in Excel and not otherwise
'EASA Ribbon > Save' will be disabled
Default: false
Clone Signatures:
when Action: Clone
Set to TRUE to duplicate eSignatures alongside the duplicate case record data