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Guide Section: An EASAP GUI

FILE CHOICE prompts a User to identify a local file to be uploaded for subsequent use within an EASAP.

For example an EASAP might require that a User specify and upload a particular type of file as input, such as a spreadsheet.

To upload a file, a User will:

  1. click on the browse button
  2. locate a file
  3. select the file

The file will be uploaded following a Submit or a 'Save current inputs'.

An uploaded file should have a file extension written with lower case letters. For example:

  • sample.jpg - will work
  • sample.Jpg - will cause unexpected behaviour

An uploaded file must not have two or more consecutive spaces in the file name.

A new folder will be created on the EASA Server and the target file will be uploaded to a location based on whether:

  • The EASAP is running under Testing in Author-mode following a Submit
  • The Published EASAP is running in User-mode, following a Save of the current EASAP with inputs to a 'workspace'

During Testing, the folders below are created and the new file is uploaded to each of them:

  • <SERVERDATA>\easa\applications\author\Easap1\testing\sim1\
  • <SERVERDATA>\easa\applications\author\Easap1\testing\sim1\UploadedFiles\

Once the EASAP is Published (here as username: author), file uploads go to the following folders:

  • clicking 'Save current inputs' uploads to <SERVERDATA>\easa\users\working\author\named_of_save_run\UploadedFiles
  • clicking Submit will upload a file to both of the new folders below,
    • <SERVERDATA>\easa\users\submitted\author\sim1
    • <SERVERDATA>\easa\users\submitted\author\sim1\UploadedFiles

Essential Parameters:
Label:Text displayed to the left of box
Optional Parameters:
File Filter:Comma-separated list of filters to apply in file locations. One asterisk * can be used as a wildcard at the beginning of the filter, specifying only the file extension is common, for examples input.dat, *flow.res or *.txt
Target Directory:Name of sub folder of EASAP main folder in which to copy selected file
Rename To:Filename to which the selected file is renamed
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then box shown, if FALSE then box NOT shown
Enable if:Logical expression, if TRUE then box enabled, if FALSE then box NOT enabled
Style:A USER INTERFACE STYLE or object reference that controls the visual appearance of this object
Input Style:A USER INTERFACE STYLE or object reference that controls the appearance of this object's input area
Delimiter:Character to delimit an object reference in Label: (default: % )
Tool tip: Text to be displayed as a tool tip