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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSINGSCALAR

FILE SYSTEM returns specific information about a file specified in File:

  • There are three types of information that can be returned as specified in Type:
    • Exists→returns TRUE or FALSE on whether file exists
    • Path→returns directory path associated with file name, either the full path or a local relative path specified in Path Type:
    • URL→returns web address or URL of file within EASA system
  • For Path Type:
    • ‘Local Path’ means relative to the EASA folder on the EASA Server
    • ‘Full Path’ is the full path to the file in both,
      • the EASAP folder when evaluated in the EASAP GUI
      • the EASA→Results folder after a run has been submitted from the EASAP

Essential Parameters:
File:File name
Type:Select type of file data. (Exists, Path, URL)
Optional Parameters:
Delimiter:Character to delimit an object reference in File: (default→%)
Path Type:' Local Path' or 'Full Path'