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Guide Section: Excel Desktop Client | EASAP Tree: USER INTERFACE or OUTPUT branch > CASE VIEWER

FILTER is a child of CASE VIEWER.

FILTER dynamically determines which case records are visible in its parent CASE VIEWER depending on a logical comparison.

Value: may be a SCALAR reference or literal value which is compared via Static Operator: or Dynamic Operator: to either:

  • A NAMED RANGE or RANGE REFERENCE set in Excel Value to Compare:
  • A field from the current case in the cases database table set in Case Data to Compare:

Further flexibility to create SQL joins across arbitrary tables is possible with an EXTERNAL FILTER.

Essential Parameters:
Value:Enter a literal value or a SCALAR reference to compare to the value from the Case Data to Compare: column of the cases database table or alternatively to the named range in Excel Value to Compare:
Optional Parameters:
Static Operator:Select a logical operator for the comparison, if unset Dynamic Operator: is required
If Static Operator: is LIKE or NOT_LIKE then FILTER will scan the actual value in Value: for a leading or terminating percent. ( % )
If neither are found it will add a percent SQL wildcard character ( % ) to both sides of the value in Value:
Excel Value to Compare:Select a NAMED RANGE to compare to Value: applying either Static Operator: or Dynamic Operator:
Case Data to Compare:Select a metadata field (below) to compare to Value:
created, created_by, custom_id, last_modified, last_modified_by, status
Pattern:Select a format for comparing dates
Default: dd-MM-yy
Delimiter:Set a character to delimit a SCALAR reference in Value: or Dynamic Operator:
Default: %
Dynamic Operator:Enter a SCALAR reference to allow the User to dynamically specify an operator value or allow the spreadsheet to dynamically specify filter inclusion criterion if the object reference is Excel linked.