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Build a Report

Present the output of an analysis in an HTML report linked under EASA > Results

  • A report consists of,
    1. main body consisting of text
    2. figures and tables for presenting important data and plots
OUTPUT branch
CUSTOM HTML STYLESParent object for additional styling objects
HTML STYLEParent to styling objects
BACKGROUNDdefine the style of an object's background
BORDERdefine an object's border
TEXT STYLEdefine the text attributes for an HTML style
MARGINdefine the space outside of the border of the object being formatted
PADDINGdefine the space between the object being formatted and its border
OTHER STYLEdefine other Custom Style Sheet (CSS) properties using standard CSS syntax
TABLE STYLEspecify an HTML STYLE to apply to various parts of a TABULATED DATA
DEFAULT HTML STYLEScollection of existing style objects
NOTESspecify the text message that will be displayed under
EASA→User→Results→My Results
PARAMETRIC REPORTParent object for multi-run parametric output
PARAMETRIC TABLEcreate a table with results from multiple runs
REPORTParent object for report content elements
2D GRAPHcreate plots from LIST data
CONTOUR DATAspecify contour data to be plotted
LEGENDactivate a legend on a graph
LINE DATAspecify line data to be plotted
TITLEspecify the main and sub titles
X AXISspecify the properties of the horizontal axis
Y AXISspecify the properties of the vertical axis
CASE VIEWERtable showing cases from the EDC database
EXTERNAL FILTERapply SQL query to filter the records visible in a CASE VIEWER
FILTERlogical comparison to filter the records visible in a CASE VIEWER
ESIGNER VIEWER display the current certification status and history of the EASAP
HTML OUTPUTrapidly create impressive looking reports within EASA
LAYOUTarrange report objects into a tabular layout, Child objects common to REPORT
RESULTS TABLEcreate a two-column-wide table with titles in the first column and report content in the second column
DATAdisplay data within the rows of a RESULTS TABLE
PLOTdisplay an image file and a plot title in a report
TABULATED DATAcreate a table of list data
TEXT OUTPUTcreate a basic text element

Annotate an EASAP run

Annotate the display of each run of an EASAP by using NOTES under the OUTPUT branch.

Define style for report elements

Adjust the look and feel of objects in a report with a HTML STYLE or TABLE STYLE under OUTPUT→HTML STYLE LIST

Reference these style objects in Style:, Title Style: and Table Style: to adjust the background, text, borders, and margins.

These styles adjust CSS attributes in the HTML report file report.htm

For more information on CSS see

A collection of existing style objects is available for a new EASAP under HTML STYLE LIST→DEFAULT HTML STYLES

A new style may be added as an HTML STYLE or a TABLE STYLE under HTML STYLE LIST→CUSTOM HTML STYLES