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Guide Section: GUI of an EASAP | EASAP Tree: USER INTERFACE branch

HEADER is the Parent to GUI objects to be displayed above the INPUTBOX LIST objects in a DATA TABLE.

It must be the top positioned object among the Child objects of the DATA TABLE.

Optional Parameters:
Enable if:logical expression, if TRUE then object shown, if FALSE then object NOT shown

These are the optional Child objects of a HEADER.

Child object Description
BUTTONrectangular region that triggers an ACTION when clicked
CHOICE LISTselect from a drop down list of possible values
DATEBOXaccept and format date input
IMAGEdisplay images in the GUI
INPUTBOXa versatile data entry component that can be configured to behave in a variety of modes
LABELdisplay text and image data
LOGICBOXaccept either 'checked' or 'unchecked' selection
SLIDERaccepts a mouse-selected numerical value within a specified range
SPACERvertical or horizontal space between adjacent objects on the Tree
SUB PANEcontainer for GUI objects arranged in a box
TEXTAREAaccept input text and display output text
TEXTBOXaccept input text in a box