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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSING LIST

JSON is an industry-standard human readable language consisting of attribute-value pairs and array data types.

JSONPATH supports JSONPath version 2.4.0

Essential Parameters:
Query:the JSONPath query to run which may contain object references
Value: object reference to a JSON string, FILE SYSTEM reference to a file allowed
Optional Parameters:
Delimiter:character to delimit an object reference in Query: (default→%)

Create a LIST with the text below to use in Value:

  "bookstore": {
    "book": [ 
        "title": "Harry Potter",
        "price": "29.99"
        "title": "Learning JSON",
        "price": "9.99"
bookstore.json example above Output Values
Query:$[0].title “Harry Potter”
Query:$[1].price “9.99”
Query:$[0] {
  “title”: “Harry Potter”,
  “price”: “29.99”