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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSING LIST

MAPPED LIST is one LIST that is selected from several LIST's in Outputs: according to Value:

Essential Parameters:
Value:A SCALAR to be compared to the sequence of SCALAR's in Inputs:
Inputs:A sequence of SCALAR's, one of which should match to the SCALAR in Value:. The position of the match in this sequence, determines the corresponding LIST that MAPPED LIST obtains from the sequence of LIST's in Outputs:
Outputs:The possible output LIST's. These must agree in number with the number of SCALAR values for Inputs:
Optional Parameters:
Delimiter:Character to delimit a SCALAR reference in Value: (default→%)


  • LOGICBOX logicbox1→TRUE
  • MAPPED LIST mappedList
    • Value: logicbox1
    • Inputs: TRUE, FALSE
    • Outputs: List1, List2
  • mappedListList1